Synergy Consulting is a Cape based specialist recruitment agency and coaching consultancy. Every day we help to grow people, shape teams and add value to businesses. Specialist markets include, but are not limited to financial services. We work with some exciting brands and talent across various industries.


  • ”Recruitment”

     In a highly competitive market you want a trusted, credible recruitment service provider that knows your industry and your business or job needs.

  • ”Coaching”

    We offer one-on-one personal or corporate coaching to help individuals and companies to uncover potential and focus on the things that add real value.

Gail Cox
Owner, Recruitment Specialist, Coach

Gail has more than two decades of experience in recruitment and career change facilitation. She has a long pedigree of recruitment strategies and coaching techniques at the centre of which is her incisive understanding of people and business. She is known for her balanced ability to tackle demanding recruitment challenges and senstitive life and career changes with compassion and precision.

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